Once upon a time, the blog world was very private and unique. Being a so-called “blogger” was not even defined in the early days of the internet. Fast forward from the late 1990’s AOL scene to now… Being a blogger can be a full-time job.

The blog world has evolved into a world filled with SEO keyword strategies to metadata and alt text musts. When starting your business online, it can seem intimidating to try and compete with others who have been in the world of blogging for decades. We are here to guide you and tell you that it is possible to create blog posts for your website with a marketing strategy that works.

First and foremost, the content is vital.

What are you writing about?

Who are you writing it for?

Where is your target audience located?

Who will likely read this type of content online?

Why is this content relevant?

Sure, you might feel like you’re back in grade school, but this is a great start.

Once you have the main content laid out, what will your blog post be titled? Some may overlook the titles of a blog post, although it will stand out for Google. Once you get a good marketing team behind your SEO Keywords, you’ll be creating content relevant to your business in no time.

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